WP 1

Project management

Project management;
Expert meetings

WP 2

Generation of urban fabric typologies and sample quadrant selection

Spatial and climate data acquisition / extraction;
Spatial analysis, multivariate statistics

WP 3

Characterisation of urban fabric typologies and identification of open space typologies

Numerical microclimate simulations considering heat exchange, ventilation and cooling through physical properties and open space interior;
Microclimate impact analysis;
Literature review

WP 4

Investigation of interactions between urban open space design and microclimate

Literature study;
Atmospheric condition monitoring at reference sites and parallel numerical microclimate simulations for model validation;
Microclimate impact analysis

WP 5

Application of findings into the urban fabric and open space typologies

Design recommendations;

WP 6

Recommendations of planning and design measures


WP 7

Dissemination and public discussion

Dissemination of results and public discussion of recommendations with urban stakeholders

WP 8

Report: Formulation of policy recommendations

Final Report