An important aim of the project was the public dissemination of the results in order to raise the awareness of climate and open space issues in urban planning. As a result, poster exhibitions presenting information about urban microclimate in general as well as specific information about the project were organised in June and August 2013 as a basis for public discussion evenings. The 16th, 21st and 23rd districts of the City were chosen for dissemination events as these were the locations of three of the sample quadrants studied. The exhibitions were organized in cooperation with each of the local Gebietsbetreuung (‘district urban renewal offices’).

Posters: (in german)

1 - Reasons for the ‘hot city’ (2,5MB)

2 - Consequences for the citizens (2,2MB)

3 - Influences on microclimate (2,6MB)

4 - Areas of Vienna specifically affected (1,8MB)

5 - Areas of investigation (1,8MB)

6 - Simulation: Late 19th inner urban perimeter block development (1,7MB)

7 - Simulation: Dense housing zone with greened ribbon development (1,9MB)

8 - Simulation: Late 19th inner urban perimeter block development with parks nearby the South-Gürtel (1,8MB)

9 - Simulation: Industrial and commercial zone (1,6MB)