Bob Martens (ed.)


[Spatial Experiments]

Schriftenreihe Mensch und Raum

Volume 1, 1992, 54 p with 40 pictures, unbound
ISBN 3-901153-01-2/ATS 100,-

Students of Architecture Experimenting at the Full-Scale Laboratory of the ETH Lausanne

The major part of present spatial representations are depicted by means of abstraction of the built space in ground plans, sections and façades. When lacking experience data the synthesis of these two-dimensional representation modes are hardly to be recognized in their corresponding to the three-dimensional reality. On account of this fact the realization of exact representations of space corresponding to the built reality is often not come up with. The characteristics of spatial simulation is the realistic, but simpler representation of the reality to be built.

Within the framework of architectural studies at Austrian schools of architecture spatial experiments in full-scale have very rarely been performed. Such experiments had to therefore be carried out at the ”Swiss exile”. This publication not only intends to report on the results achieved, but also to reflect thereon, thus offering a specific contribution for future experiments in full-scale.