The Planning Thought Award Winners

On April 3rd 2014 the Planning Thought Award Jury (Laura Saija, John Friedmann, Paul Benneworth & Beatrix Haselsberger) has nominated 4 award winners out of 39 amazing applications.The Planning Thought Award winners are:

  • Sabrina LAI (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, University of Cagliari, IT),
  • Kathrine QUICK (Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, US),
  • Chris MAIDMENT (Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, UK) &
  • Juho Matti LUUKKONEN (University of Oulu, Finland).


The awardees have been invited to actively participate in a week-long intensive symposium in Vienna in May 2014, where they had the chance to conduct face-to-face interviews with highly respected planners from the first planning generation.  These inter-generational dialogues challenged the seniors of the planning discipline to come forward with messages that have contemporary and future salience.  


The Planning Thought Award Ceremony