The Evolution of Planning Thought Lecture Series (19 + 21 + 23 May 2014) took place as part of the 200 years anniversary celebrations of the Vienna University of Technology, Austria.


This Lecture Series unpacked how planners developed theories and conceptual tools, how these shaped the development of practice, how planners organised themselves at an international and global scale, and the conceptual, institutional and practical lacuna that remain to be filled.  Every lecture started from a personal perspective to tell a much broader story about the Evolution of Planning Thought.  The subsequent podium discussion provided a unique space to reflect on where we are as planners, how we have got there and where we are going as a community into the future.  Each lecture concludes with a social gathering, allowing less formal discussions with highly respected planners of the first generation.



Monday Lecture, 19 May 2014

Wednesday Lecture, 21 May 2014

Friday Lecture, 23 May 2014


Have you missed this event? No worries, the Lecture Series got videotaped! A short summary video will be publicised here in Autumn 2014.  The complete videos of each lecture will be made available here as a free download in mid- to late- 2015.