Focused ion beam generated antimony nanowires for micro scale pH sensors

A. Avdic, A. Lugstein, C. Schöndorfer, and E. Bertagnolli

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Ultrafast VLS Growth of Epitaxial Ga2O3 Nanowires

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High performance omega-gated Ge Nanowire MOSFET with quasi-metallic Source/Drain contacts

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Nanotechnology, 21 435704 (2010).



Impact of growth temperature on the crystal habits, forms and structures of VO2 nanocrystals

Stefan Löffler, Erwin Auer, Matthias Weil, Alois Lugstein, Emmerich Bertagnolli

Appl Phys A DOI 10.1007/s00339-010-5940-5 (2010).



Subeutectic Synthesis of Epitaxial Si-NWs with Diverse Catalysts Using a Novel Si Precursor

W. Molnar, A. Lugstein, P. Pongratz, N. Auner, C. Bauch, E. Bertagnolli

Nano Lett. 2010, 10, 3957–3961 (2010).



Atypical Self-Activation of Ga Dopant for Ge Nanowire Devices

C. Zeiner, A. Lugstein, T. Burchhart, P. Pongratz, J.G. Connell, L.J. Lauhon, E. Bertagnolli

Nano Lett., 11 (8), 3108 (2011).



Ultra-fast vapour–liquid–solid synthesis of Si nanowires using ion-beam implanted gallium as catalyst

M. Hetzel, A. Lugstein, C. Zeiner, T. Wojcik, P. Pongratz, E. Bertagnolli

Nanotechnology 22, 395601 (2011).



Tuning the Electro-optical Properties of Germanium Nanowires by Tensile Strain

J. Greil, A. Lugstein, C. Zeiner, G. Strasser, E. Bertagnolli

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A General Approach toward Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires

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In situ monitoring of Joule heating effects in germanium nanowires by µ-Raman spectroscopy

A. Lugstein, M. Mijic, T. Burchhart, C. Zeiner, R. Langegger, M. Schneider, U. Schmid, E. Bertagnolli

Nanotechnology 24, 065701 (2013)



Multi-mode silicon nanowire transistors

Sebastian Glassner, Clemens Zeiner, Priyanka Periwal, Thierry Baron, Emmerich Bertagnolli, Alois Lugstein

Nano Letter 14 (11), 6699 (2014).



Nanowires enabling strained photovoltaics

J. Greil, S. Birner, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

Appl, Phys. Lett. 104, 16 163901 (2014).



III-V semiconductor nanocrystal formation in silicon nanowires via liquid-phase epitaxy

S. Prucnal, M. Glaser, A. Lugstein, E. Bertagnolli, M. Stöger-Pollach, S. Zhou, M. Helm, D. Reichel, L. Rebohle, M. Turek, J. Zuk, W. Skorupa

Nano Research 7(12), 1769 (2014)



Multimode Silicon Nanowire Transistors

S. Glassner, C. Zeiner, P. Periwal, T. Baron, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

Nano Lett. 14 (11), 6699 (2014)



Origin of Anomalous Piezoresistive Effects in VLS Grown Si Nanowires

K. Winkler, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

Nano Lett. 15 (3), 1780 (2015)



Abrupt Schottky-Junctions in Al/Ge Nanowire Heterostructures

S. Kral, C. Zeiner, M. Stöger-Pollach, E. Bertagnolli, M.I. den Hertog, M. Lopez-Haro, E. Robin,K. El hajraoui, A. Lugstein

Nano Lett. 15 (7), 4783 (2015)



Gate-Tunable Electron Transport Phenomena in Al-Ge<111>-Al Nanowire Heterostructures

F.M. Brunbauer, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

Nano Lett. accepted (2015)



Strain distribution in single, suspended germanium nanowires studied using nanofocused x-rays

Mario Keplinger, Raphael Grifone, Johannes Greil, Dominik Kriegner, Johan Persson, Alois Lugstein, Tobias Schülli and Julian Stangl

Nanotechnology 27 055705 (2016)



Synthesis, Morphological, and Electro-optical Characterizations of Metal/Semiconductor Nanowire Heterostructures

Markus Glaser, Andreas Kitzler, Andreas Johannes, Slawomir Prucnal, Heidi Potts, Sonia Conesa-Boj, Lidija Filipovic, Hans Kosina, Wolfgang Skorupa, Emmerich Bertagnolli, Carsten Ronning, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, and Alois Lugstein

Nano Lett. 2016, 16, 3507-3513



Electrical transport properties of singlecrystal Al nanowires

Florian M Brunbauer, Emmerich Bertagnolli, Johannes Majer and Alois Lugstein

Nanotechnology 27 385704 (2016)



Electroluminescence from NiSi2/Si/NiSi2 nanowire heterostructures operated at high electric fields

S. Glassner, P. Periwal, T. Baron, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

accepted for publication in physica status solidi A (2016)



Low Power Phase Change Memory Switching of Ultra-Thin In3Sb1Te2 Nanowires

S. Selmo, R. Cecchini, S. Cecchi, C. Wiemer, M. Fanciulli, E. Rotunno, L. Lazzarini, A. Lugstein, M. Longo

accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters (2016)



Room-Temperature Quantum Ballistic Transport in Monolithic Ultrascaled Al-Ge-Al Nanowire Heterostructures

M. Sistani, P. Staudinger, J. Greil, M. Holzbauer, H. Detz, E. Bertagnolli, A. Lugstein

Nano Lett. 17 (8), 4556 (2017)




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