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A simple camera calibration program
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A fast dynamic framework for interprocess communication
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ROS nodes

This package uses dynamic or static (MRPT or ROS) maps for 2D self-localization. The interface is similar to amcl ( but supports different particle-filter algorithms, several grid maps at different heights, range-only localization, etc.
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The v4r_artoolkitplus package is a wrapper around the ARToolKitPlus software library for ROS. The ARToolKitPlus is a extended version of ARToolKit's library with a class-based API but with no VRML and camera library. It is also optimized to work with a set of precoded marker, so no marker training is needed. The ARToolKitPlus library was published under GPL2, thanks for that work goes to all people listed in a ./3rdParty/ARToolKitPlus/THANKS. More details about ARToolKitPlus package can be found under
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The v4r_ellipses package contains a computer vision library which is able to detect ellipses within images. The package is able to estimate the pose of the circle related to the ellipse the circle diameter as well as the camera parameter are known. A dynamic reconfigure interface allows the user to tune the parameter of the system to ones needs. But be aware that the pose of a projected circle within a image (ellipse) has two solutions and only one is published as TF. A costom message (v4r_msgs) publishes all the data as well as the pose ambiguity.
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v4l camera driver, based on the luvcview package. This package detects the supported controls of your USB camera and generates a dynamic reconfigure interface. The control parameters like brightness, ... can be saved and loaded during runtime via the dynamic reconfigure interface. Tested are the Logitech 9000pro and Logitech sphere. Even the focus/pan tilt can be controlled via the dynamic reconfigure interface.
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The checkerboard_detection package can be used to determinate the position and the orientation of a checkerboard of the known size within an image with calibration information (checkerboard_pose node). The position of the board/camera will be published as tf frame. Stored data can be published again with using by using static_pose node with constant frequency or synchronized with published frames using the checkerboard_pose node.
v4r_checkerboard on the insituts ros server
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newton pose estimates
Simple 3D pose estimation using a newton pose estimation like in Trucco, E. & Verri, A. Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer Vision
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