Marie Skłodowska - Curie grant No.713694 (MULTIPLY) and the ERC Advanced Grant No.740355 (STEMS).

Vladimir Kalashnikov


MASTEDIS: Mastering the Spatiotemporal Dissipative Solitons


Duration of Fellowship: two years


Any Ethics issues: No




The processes of energy release and absorption in nonlinear optical phenomena are necessary for the broad class of applications ranging from physics, micro-machining, and telecommunications to biology and medicine. This endeavor needs a synergy of high-energy and “subtle” (i.e., high-coherent) physics that can be provided by the breakthrough in modern ultrafast laser technology.  We propose to use the spatiotemporal nonlinear effects in mode-locked lasers to advance in energy harvesting and harnessing of a composite multimode spatial structure in optical fibers at femtosecond time level for extraordinary spectral broadening covering both ultra-violet and mid-infrared spectral ranges, and unprecedented advances in the next-generation of telecommunication systems. To realize these goals, we propose a spatiotemporal dissipative soliton mastering in multimode fiber lasers. One of the keystones here is to use the spatially profiled dissipation, in particular, in multicore fibers for the realization of the innovative mechanism of spatiotemporal mode-locking like the Kerr-lens mode-locking in solid-state lasers which are a “workhorse” of the modern ultrafast laser technology.  Such a technology would allow energy harvesting by the mode-area scaling without the loss of stability and coherence. These integrated and robust ultrashort pulse lasers would become the promising tools for the frequency synthesizing demanded by molecular spectroscopy and metrology.

The fundamental aspect of the MASTEDIS project is to advance the kinetic and thermodynamic theory of nonequilibrium phenomena by the “metaphoric modeling” based on the study of nonlinear optical pulse dynamics in multimode fibers. The emergent phenomena in these structures comprise turbulence, light condensation, and transition between coherent and non-coherent collective states that makes the multimode fiber an ideal test-bed for the exploring the fundamental physics from plasma to Bose-Einstein condensates.

The planned activity will consolidate the international research network aimed at pushing the boundaries of photonic research and providing an effective knowledge transfer and dissemination.