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Dr. Younghee Kwak

Project Scientist (FWF)

Telephone: +43 1 58801 12811

E-mail: younghee.kwak(at)tuwien.ac.at

Room No.: CB 05 07


Younghee Kwak is a project scientist (FWF) since March 2014. She started her PhD supervised by T. Sasao at Ajou University in September 2005. During her doctoral studies, she proposed a hybrid system that combines VLBI and GPS at the observation (hardware) level, a so called GV hybrid system. At the research group of Advanced Geodesy, she continues her GV hybrid work with VieVS, mostly simulations for global networks. She also worked at KASI as a research associate and PostDoc for 8.5 years. She conducted inter-combinations of GNSS, VLBI and SLR at the product level and VLBI intra-combinations at the normal equation level. Her main interests are combination of space geodetic techniques, reference frames, EOP and plate tectonics.