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(Last Update: 27 October 2011)

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IAU 2012 proposal on the re-definition of the astronomical unit of length:



Monday, 19 September 2011

8:30-9:15: Registration

9:15-9:30: Opening of the Journées 2011

Welcome from H. Schuh, Vienna University of Technology, Chair of the LOC

Welcome from A. Hochwartner, President of the BEV, Vienna

Introduction to the Journées 2011 by N. Capitaine, Chair of the SOC

9:30-11:00: Session 1 - Fundamental astronomy, time and relativity

(Chair: N. Capitaine and M. Soffel)

Titov O. (invited)The secular aberration drift and future challenges for VLBI astrometry (PDF presentation)

Bucciarelli B., Smart R., Umberto, Dapra M.T., Lattanzi M., Penna J.L., da Silva Neto D.N., Andrei A.H. ● PARSEC's high precision astrometry - the making of (PDF presentation)

Coelho B., Anton S., Taris F., da Silva Neto D., Bouquillon S., Souchay J., Andrei A. ● Morphological classification of QSOs in the SDSS DR7 population (PDF presentation)

Pitjeva E. ● Values of some astronomical parameters - au, GM, M of the Sun, their possible variations from modern observations, and interrelations between them (PDF presentation)

Hohenkerk C. ● SOFA and the algorithms for transformations between scales & between systems (PDF presentation - SOFA routine: f-file / Example 1 / Example 2)

Vondrák J., Capitaine N., Wallace P. ● New long-term expressions for precession (PDF presentation)

Capitaine N. ● Comparison between different forms of variables and parameters used for high accuracy models and observations of the Earth's precession and nutation (PDF presentation)

11:00-11:30: Coffee break

11:30-13:00: Session 1 (continuation)

(Chair: N. Capitaine and M. Soffel)

Bize S. (invited)Highly precise clocks to test fundamental physics (PDF presentation)

Hobiger T., Koyama Y., Hanado Y., Ichikawa R., Sekido M., Böhm J. and Sun J. ● On the potential of VLBI2010 for time and frequency transfer (PDF presentation)

Dimarcq N. ● High performance time & frequency transfer techniques for remote clocks comparisons (PDF presentation)

Soffel M., Tian W. ● Relativity and large ringlaser gyroscopes (PDF presentation)

Lambert S.B., le Poncin-Lafitte C. ● On general relativity tests with the VLBI (PDF presentation)

Soja B., Plank L., Schuh H. ● General relativistic delays in current and future VLBI (PDF presentation)

13:00-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-16:00: Session 2 - Towards the next generation of space-time reference systems

(Chair: J. Vondrák and Y.S. Yatskiv)

Mignard F. (invited)From the Gaia frame to an ICRF-3? (PDF presentation)

Manchester R.N., Hobbs G. (invited)Pulsar timing and a pulsar-based timescale (PDF presentation)

Yatskiv Y.S. ● One possible realization of the ICRF before the Gaia frame (PDF presentation)

Malkin Z., Schuh H., Ma C., Lambert S. ● Terrestrial and celestial reference frames: Synergy and mutual impact (PDF presentation)

Bourda G., Charlot P. ● Plans for an accurate alignment of the VLBI frame and the future Gaia frame (PDF presentation)

Taris F., Andrei A., Klotz A., Vachier F., Côte R., Souchay J. ● Optical monitoring of extragalactic sources for the link between the ICRF and the future Gaia celestial reference frame (PDF presentation)

Jacobs C., Majid W., Romero-Wolf A., Sotuela I., Garcia-Miro C., Horiuchi S., Neidhart A., Kronschnabl G., Schreiber U., Porcas R., Kraus A., Gomez-Gonzalez J., Lopez-Fernandez J.A., Colomer F., de Vicente P., Lovell J., Natusch T., Gulyaev S., Zharov V., Takeuchi H., Ichikawa R. ● The Potential for a Ka-band (32 GHz) worldwide VLBI network (PDF presentation)

Pavlis E.C., Kuzmicz-Cieslak M., Hinkey P.M. ● Forthcoming improvements in SLR data analysis: Towards the mm SLR (PDF presentation)

Romero-Wolf A., Jacobs C. ● Effects of tropospheric spatio-temporal correlated noise on the analysis of space geodetic data (PDF presentation)

16:00-18:00: POSTER SESSION

18:00-18:45: Welcome Drink

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

09:00-11:00: Session 3 - Modelling, observation and prediction of Earth rotation and global geodynamics

(Chair: A. Brzezinski and V. Dehant)

Böhm S., Nilsson T., Schindelegger M., Schuh H. (invited)Atmospheric and oceanic excitation of Earth rotation (PDF presentation)

Koot L. (invited)Constraints on the structure and dynamics of the Earth's deep interior inferred from nutation observations (PDF presentation)

Seitz F. ● Simulation, prediction and analysis of Earth rotation parameters with a dynamic Earth system model (PDF presentation)

Dehant V., Folgueira M., Puica M. ● Analytical computation of the effects of the core-mantle boundary topography on tidal length-of-day variations (PDF presentation)

Gross R.S. ● Improving UT1 predictions using short-term forecasts of atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic angular momentum (PDF presentation)

Bizouard C. ● Asymmetric excitation of the polar motion (PDF presentation)

Stamatakos N., Luzum B., Carter M.S., Stetzler B., Shumate N., Tracey J. ● Recent improvements in the IERS Rapid Service Prediction Center products (PDF presentation)

Kaufman M., Pasynok S. ● Rapid EOP calculations using VieVS software (PDF presentation)

11:00-11:30: Coffee break

11:30-13:00: Session 3 (continuation)

(Chair: A. Brzezinski and V. Dehant)

Brzezinski A., Böhm S. ● Analysis of the high frequency components of Earth rotation demodulated from VLBI data (PDF presentation)

Chapanov Y., Vondrák J., Ron C. ● A model of centennial oscillations of the Earth rotation based on total solar irradiance variations (PDF presentation)

Schindelegger M., Böhm J., Salstein D., Schuh H. ● The signature of atmospheric tides in sub-daily variations of Earth rotation as unveiled by globally-gridded atmospheric angular momentum functions

Dobslaw H., Kadow C., Matthes K., Thomas M. ● Impact of atmospheric tides on subdiurnal length-of-day variations (PDF presentation)

Panafidina N., Rothacher M. ● Empirical model of subdaily variations in the Earth rotation from GPS and its stability (PDF presentation)

Nilsson T, Böhm J., Schuh H. ● Determination of Earth rotation by combining VLBI and ringlaser observations (PDF presentation)

13:00-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-16:00: Session 4 - Celestial mechanics of solar system bodies

(Chair: C. Hohenkerk and J. Souchay)

Escapa A. (invited)Analytical modeling of the rigid internal motions of a three-layer celestial body through Hamilton's Principle (PDF presentation)

Hilton J. (invited)Progress report of the IAU Commission 4 Working Group on Ephemeris Access and the comparison of high accuracy planetary ephemerides (PDF presentation)

Weratschnig J.M., Stewart S.G., Hilton J.L. ● New additions to the astronomical almanac-ephemeris data of dwarf planets (PDF presentation)

Kudryavtsev S.M. ● Precision analytical calculation of effect of the solid Earth tides on satellite motion (PDF presentation)

Pashkevich V.V., Eroshkin G.I. ● Construction of the numerical and semi-analytical solutions of the Moon rotation (PDF presentation)

Ivanova T.V. ● Taking into account the planetary perturbations in the Moon's motion (PDF presentation)

Yagudina E.I., Krasinsky G.A., Prokhorenko S.O. ● EPM-ERA 2011 Lunar theory and selenodynamical parameters from LLR data (PDF presentation)

Bazso A., Galiazzo M. ● Lunar effects on close encounters of Hungarias with the Earth (PDF presentation)

16:00-16:30: Coffee break

16:30-17:00: Session 4 (continuation)

(Chair: C. Hohenkerk and J. Souchay)

Dvorak R., Lhotka Ch., Zhou L.Y. ● On the stability of Earth's Trojans (PDF presentation)

Baudisch H., Dvorak R. ● Where are the Saturn Trojans? (PDF presentation)

17:00-18:00: Discussion - On future IAU recommendations and organization

(Chair: D.D. McCarthy)

Presentation of Topics (Main PDF presentation of D.D. McCarthy)

Capitaine N. ● Astronomical unit (PDF presentation)

Urban S. ● Nomenclature for current precession and nutation models (PDF presentation)

D.D. McCarthy ● Nomenclature for UT1 with zonal tides removed

Hilton J. ● Standardizing access to ephemerides

McCarthy D.D. ● IAU structure


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

09:00-10:30: Session 5 - Space observations and dedicated missions for geodesy and astronomy

(Chair: R. Gross and H. Schuh)

Rummel R. (invited)GOCE: Its principles and science (PDF presentation)

Hase H., Behrend D., Ma C., Petrachenko W., Schuh H., Whitney A. (invited)The future global VLBI2010 network of the IVS (PDF presentation)

Biancale R., Gambis D., Richard J.-Y., Seitz M. ● Activity of the Combination at Observation Level Working Group (PDF presentation)

Zharov V.E., Girin I.A., Kostenko V.I., Likhachev S.F. ● Estimation of the ground-space interferometer parameters during Radioastron mission (PDF presentation)

Pavlis E.C., Ciufolini I., Paolozzi A. ● LARES: A new mission to improve the measurement of lense-thirring effect with Satellite Laser Ranging (PDF presentation)

Lovell J., McCallum J., Shabala S., Dickey J., Watson C., Titov O. ● The AuScope VLBI Array (PDF presentation)

10:30-11:00: Coffee break

11:00-12:00: Discussion - On future IAU recommendations and organization

(Chair: D.D. McCarthy)

Discussion (PDF presentation)


Astronomical unit

Standardizing access to ephemerides


12:00-12:15: Closing of the Journées 2011


Session 1 - Fundamental astronomy, time and relativity

1.1 - Capitaine N., Folgueira M. ● Semi-analytical integration of the Earth's precession-nutation based on the GCRS coordinates of the CIP unit vector (PDF file)

1.2 - Laloum M. ● Time nature and symmetry: Balance of the Galaxy

1.3 - Lambert S.B. ● Status of the GLORIA geodetic VLBI analysis software package (PDF file)

1.4 - Sekowski M., Krynski J. ● Methods of use and presentation of the accurate astrometric data based on the modern terrestrial and celestial reference systems

Session 2 - Towards the next generation of space-time reference systems

2.1 - Clark J.E., Garcia-Miro C., Horiuchi S., Jacobs C.S., Romero-Wolf A., Sotuela I. ● The contribution of X/Ka-band VLBI to multi-wavelength studies of the Celestial Frame

2.2 - Damljanovic G., Milic I.S. ● CCD measurements in optical domain and astrometric positions of ICRF2 radio sources (PDF file)

2.3 - Lambert S.B. ● On the processing of VLBI intensive sessions (PDF file)

2.4 - Marco F.J., Martinez M.J. ● Statistics and analytic compatibility to joint catalogs with a set of common ICRF defining sources (PDF file)

Session 3 - Modelling, observation and prediction of Earth rotation and global geodynamics

3.1 - Chapanov Y., Schuh H., Nothnagel A., Böhm J. ● Climatic and solar activity cycles influences on interannual and decadal variations of VLBI stations (PDF file)

3.2 - Choliy V., Zhaborovsky V. ● KG++ software for processing Satellite Laser Ranging observations

3.3 - Choliy V. ● On the usage of XML file format in geodynamic calculations

3.4 - Gambis D., Salstein D., Chapanov Y. ● Some systematic errors in AAM and OAM data (PDF file)

3.5 - Kaufman M., Pasynok S. ● Tropospheric delays from GPS and VLBI data

3.6 - Kolaczek B., Pasnicka M., Nastula J. ● Analysis of the geodetic residuals as differences between geodetic and sum of the atmospheric and ocean excitation of polar motion (PDF file)

3.7 - Krynski J., Zanimonskiy Y.M. ● Geodynamic signals in time series of astrometric observations at Borowa Gora Observatory

3.8 - Malkin Z. ● On the impact of the galactic aberration on VLBI-derived precession model (PDF file)

3.9 - Malkin Z., Tissen V. ● Accuracy assessment of the ERP prediction method based on analysis of 100-year ERP series (PDF file)

3.10 - Marčeta D., Šegan S., Glišović N. ● Detection of the mutual periodical changes in the Earth rate of rotation and the solar activity by singular spectrum analysis

3.11 - Martinez M.J., Marco F.J. ● Non regular variations in the LOD from European medieval eclipses (PDF file)

3.12 - Nagalski T. ● Comparison of polar motion excitation function derived from EWT, obtained from filtered Stokes coefficients

3.13 - Nerge P., Ludwig T., Thomas M., Jungclaus J., Sündermann J., Brosche P. ● GeOGEM - Simulations to the tides of ancient oceans and the evolution of the Earth-Moon-system (PDF file)

3.14 - Ron C., Vondrák J. ● Comparison of the geophysical excitations with the observed celestial pole offsets

3.15 - Yao K., Capitaine N., Lambert S. ● Using VLBI and GNSS observations for nutation estimation (PDF file)

Session 4 - Celestial mechanics of solar system bodies

4.1 - Aljbaae S., Souchay J. ● Effects of asteroids on the orbital motions of terrestrial planets (PDF file)

4.2 - Souami D., Souchay J., Aljbaae S., Francou G., Lemaître A. ● The invariable plane of the solar system: A natural reference frame in the study of the dynamics of solar system bodies (PDF file)

4.3 - Tupikova I. ● Averaging in the N-body problem with the Lie-series method in standard osculating elements