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Please be aware that the information on this page is not updated any more. Currently the group has no detailed homepage. The homepage of the Department for Geodesy and Geoinformation is



We teach courses about geoinformation, adjustment computation, and cadastral surveying, including the organization and legal aspects of cadastral survey. The courses on GIS are taught by Prof. Frank. Adjustment computation and cadastral surveying are taught by practitioners from outside the Technical University:

Doz. Dr. Christoph Twaroch, Dipl.-Ing. Robert Doppler, Dipl.-Ing. Julius Ernst, and Dipl.-Ing. Peter Stix.

This division between theoretical education by university professors and teaching of actual practice by practitioners is a hallmark of the surveying engineering education in Vienna.

The department also participates in a number of European projects under the Esprit and the HCM program. In the context of the GI2000 initiative of DG XIII, we work on the study `GI Policy'. Within the ESF GISDATA project, we organized a meeting on `Life and Motion of Socio-Economic Units'. To keep in touch with the practical world and to know about the problems encountered in practical situations, we assist an Austrian and a Croatian city with the acquisition and introduction of a Geographic Information System in their organization.

We also undertake the administration of educational courses and projects, in conjunction with the EU. One of the projects we administered is the COMETT International Post-Graduate Course in Geographical Information Systems.

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