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Hahn, Jürgen

Mag. (University Assistant)
Tel.:(+43 1) 58801 - 12716

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Jürgen Hahn is a researcher and PhD-candidate at the Institute for Geoinformation and Cartography, Research Group Geoinformation, at the Technical University of Vienna. He finished his study about Geoinformatics at the Universitätszentrum Rottenmann in 2010 with a master thesis about measuring performance leaks of an implementation from the web map tiling service.

Research interests:

  • Context awareness of GIS / LBS
  • Functional programming for GIS algorithms


Inventor of the 1st International Workshop on Context-Awareness in GIS.

This workshop connects GIS-researchers focused on context research.

H. Huang, J. Hahn, C. Claramunt, T. Reichenbacher (ed.):
"Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Context - Awareness in Geographic Information Services (CAGIS 2014)";
Eigenverlag, Wien, 2014, 91 pages.BibTeX, (Proceedings)


  1. G. Navratil, E. Heer, J. Hahn:
    "Treatment of Geodetic Survey Data as Fuzzy Vectors";
    ISSDQ 2015

  2. A. U. Frank, J. Hahn:
    "Was sind Spiele";
    Talk: 38th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Kirchberg am Wechsel; 2015-08-09 - 2015-08-14; in "Pre-Proceedings of the 38th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Realism – Relativism – Constructivism", ISSN: 1022-3398; 95-98. (final Draft)

  3. J. Hahn, P. Weiser:
    "A Quantum Formalization for Communication Coordination Problems";
    Talk: Quantum Interaction 2014, Filzbach; 2014-06-30 - 2014-07-03; in: "Quantum Interaction", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8951 (2015), ISBN: 978-3-319-15930-0; 177 - 188. BibTeX, (Springer)
  4. J. Hahn, A. Frank:
    "Context determines the features which need to show on a map, produced on demand";
    Talk: Eight International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context, Annecy; 2013-10-28 - 2013-11-01; in: "Proceedings Context for Business Process Management", (2013), 14 pages.BibTeX, (Proceedings)
  5. J. Hahn:
    "A Hilbert space model for concepts and contextual influences to concepts";
    Talk: COSIT 2013, Scarborough; 2013-09-02 - 2013-09-06; in: "Doctoral Colloquium", (2013), 6 pages.BibTeX (finalDraft)
  6. J. Hahn, A. Frank:
    "Select the appropriate map depending on context in a Hilbert Space Model (SCOP)";
    Talk: The Seventh International Quantum Interaction Conference (QI 2013), Leister; 2013-07-25 - 2013-07-27; in: "Proceedings of the 7th International Quantum Interaction Conference", (2013), 12 pages.BibTeX (Springer)


Supervised theses:

  1. "Darstellung von geografischen Linked Data mit einer WebMapping Bibliothek", Bachelor thesis (in progress)
  2. D3 im Performance-Vergleich mit JavaScript-Bibliotheken zur Visualisierung von Geodaten”, Bachelor thesis
  3. Haskell OpenLayers Wrapper”, Master thesis,
  4. Wie kann die Android-API für die direkte Georeferenzierung von Bilddaten in Hinblick auf einen räumlichen Vorwärtsschnitt genutzt werden?”, Bachelor thesis
  5. Schnittstellen zur Nutzerinformationsgewinnung von Android & iOS”, Bachelor thesis
  6. Crime Prediction based on Spatial Analysis”, Bachelor thesis

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