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Abdalla, Amin

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Amin Abdalla is a researcher and PhD-student at the Institute for Geoinformation and Cartography, Research Group Geoinformation, at the Technical University of Vienna. After finishing a BSc. in Urban- and Regional Planning in Vienna, he studied GIS at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and received his MSc. in 2010.

Research interests:

  • Personal Information Management
  • Ontology Engineering and Semantics
  • LBS & Mobile GIS
  • GIS in City and Regional Planning


Hu, Yingjie, Grant McKenzie, Jiue-An Yang, Song Gao, Amin Abdalla, and Krzysztof Janowicz. (2014) "A Linked-Data-Driven Web Portal for Learning Analytics: Data Enrichment, Interactive Visualization, and Knowledge Discovery." download

Thalman T., Abdalla A. (2014): Assessing the influence of pre-processing methods on raw GPS-data for automated change point detection. 17th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Castellion, Spain.

Abdalla A., Frank A. (2014): Designing Spatio-temporal PIM Tools for Prospective Memory Support. 10th international symposium on Location Based Services, Shanghai China.

Abdalla A., Weiser P., Frank A. (2013): Design Principles for Spatio-Temporally Enabled PIM Tools: A Qualitative Analysis Of Trip Planning. 16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, Leuven, Belgium.

Abdalla A., (2013): Personal GIS: Ein Tool zur Verarbeitung unserer persoenlichen Daten. Kartographische Nachrichten (Journal of Cartography and Geographic Information).

Weiser P., Abdalla A. (2013): Surveillance in the Context of Security and Profit – The Case of „Involunteered“ Geographic Information. 18. Münchner Fortbildungsseminar Geoinformationssysteme, Munich, Germany

Abdalla A. & Frank A. (2012): Combining Trip and Task Planning: On How to get from A to Passport. 7th International Conference, GIScience 2012, Columbus, Ohio. link

Weiser P. , Frank A., Abdalla A. (2012). Process Composition And Process Reasoning Over Multiple Levels Of Detail. 7th International Conference, GIScience 2012, Columbus, Ohio. download

Abdalla A. & Frank A. (2012): Task Based Isochrones for LBS and Planning (Extended Abstract). Mobile Tartu 2012: Mobile Phones, Geography & LBS, Tartu, Estonia. download 

Frank A. & Abdalla A. (2012): Complex Processes Modeled as a Combination of Simpler Mechanisms. 4th International Workshop on Ontology-Driven Information Engineering (ODISE). Graz, Austria. download

Abdalla A. (2012): LatYourLife: Applying Multiple API Services for Task Planning. Online Maps with APIs and WebServices. In Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography. 2012 Springer Berlin Heidelberg. link

Abdalla A. & Frank A. (2012): Towards the spatialization of PIM-tools. In Proceedings of GI Zeitgeist, Münster. download

Abdalla A. & Weiser P. (2012): Implementation of Object Life Styles with noSQL databases, using the example of CouchDB. Fortbildungsseminar Geoinformationssysteme München. download

Abdalla, A. (2012): Latyourlife: A geo-temporal task planning application. In Advances in Location-Based Services, Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography, pages 305-325. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. download

Abdalla A. & Frank A. (2011): Personal Geographic Information Management, CeMob-Workshop on Cognitive Engineering for mobile GIS, Belfast, Maine, USA, September 12-16th 2011. download

Scholz J., Weiser P., Abdalla A. (2011): Teaching FOSS-GIS at the Technical University of Vienna - gvSIG vs. QGIS. GIS Education. Leuven. Belgium. download

Abdalla A. & Weiser P. (2011): Towards Emotional and Opinion-Based Layers in City GIS, In Proceedings of Real Corp 2011, Essen. download

Weiser P. & Abdalla A. (2011): Quis custodiet custodes - Crowd Sourcing als notwendiges Werkzeug zur Überwachung derer die uns überwachen?. AGIT - Symposium für angewandte Geoinformatik 2011. Salzburg. download


Abdalla A. (2012): Combining trip and task planning. Workshop on Geospatial Dynamics. CoSy, University of Bremen.      

Abdalla A. (2011): Personal GIS. 48.Tagung der Arbeitsgruppe für Kartographie, Photogrammetrie und GIS (Aga). Universität Bonn.


Abdalla, A. (2010): LatYourLife: A Geo-Temporal Task Planning Application, Master Thesis, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Abdalla, A. (2009): The Eight Dimensions Approach: Measuring Urban Sprawl in Austria, Bachelor Thesis, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.


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127.035 Geoinformation (Lab)
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