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Jahn/Herren, Marianne

Conference Proceedings (Full paper review)

  • Jahn, M.(2004): 'User needs in a Maslow Schemata'. In Proceedings of ISSDQ'04, (Frank, A.U., & Grum, E., eds.), 15.-17.04.2004, in Bruck a. d. Leitha, Austria, Published by Department of Geoinformation and Cartography, GeoInfo Yellow Series, Vol. 28b, pp: 169-182.

Conference Proceedings (Abstract review)

  • Frank, A.U., & Jahn, M.(2003): 'How to Sell the Same Data to Different Users at Different Prices'. In Proceedings of 6th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science, (Michael Gould, R.L., Stéphane Coulondre, ed.), April 24th-26th, in Lyon, pp: 356-360.

  • Jahn, M.(2004): 'How to increase usability of spatial data by finding a link between user and data'. In Proceedings of Agile 2004, 28.4.-1.5.2004, in Crete, Greece.

  • Jahn, M., & Frank, A.(2004): 'How to Increase Usability of Spatial Data by Finding a Link between User and Data'. In Proceedings of AGILE 2004 7th Conference on Geographic Information Science, (Toppen, F., & Prastacos, P., eds.), 29th April - 1st May 2004, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, Published by Crete Uiniversity Press, pp: 653-661.


  • M. Herren: "Data Quality in Navigation Systems - A new approach to define user groups", Master Thesis supervisor: A. Frank, Institute for Geoinformation and cartography, 2008, 21.05.2008.
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