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Hoelbling, Werner

Edited Books

  • Frank, A.U., Kuhn, W., Hölbling, W., Schachinger, H., & Haunold, P., (eds.). 1997. Gofer as used at GeoInfo (TU Vienna). (Frank, A.U., & Haunold, P., eds.), Vol. 12, GeoInfo Series, Vienna, Austria, Dept. of Geoinformation, TU Vienna.
    (download not available)

Journals (Full paper review)

  • Hölbling, W., Kuhn, W., & Frank, A.U.(1998): 'Finite-Resolution Simplicial Complexes'. In GeoInformatica, 2 (3), pp: 281-298.

Other Conference Proceedings

  • Hölbling, W., Kuhn, W., & Frank, A.U.(1996): 'Discrete Simplicial Complexes'. In Proceedings of 12th European Workshop on Computational Geometry, CG'96, (Hinrichs, K.H., ed.), in Muenster, Germany (March 28-29, 1996), pp: 69.


  • Hölbling, W.(1996): 'Das diskrete simpliziale Datenmodell'. Master Thesis, Technical University Vienna.
    (download not available)

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