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Grum, Eva

Edited Books

  • Frank, A., & Grum, E., (eds.). 2004. Proceedings of the ISSDQ '04 Volume 1 and 2. (Frank, A.U., & Grum, E., eds.), Vol. 28a and b, GeoInfo Yellow Series, Vienna, Department of Geoinformation and Cartography.
    (download not available)

Conference Proceedings (Full paper review)

  • Grum E. (2005): "The Least Risk Path in 3D: The "Use Case" of Indoor Navigation";
    Vortrag: ISPRS working group II/IV, Pontypridd, Wales, UK; 05.09.2005 - 08.09.2005; in: "The 4th Workshop on Dynamic & Multi-dimensional GIS", C. Gold (Hrg.); ISPRS, 36 (2005), 16821750; S. 47 - 51.
    (download not available)

  • Grum E. (2005): "Danger of Getting Lost: Optimize a Path to Minimize Risk";
    Vortrag: CORP 2005 - GeoMultimedia 05, Wien; 22.02.2005 - 25.02.2005; in: "CORP 2005 GEOMultimedia 05 10th International Symposium", M. Schrenk (Hrg.); Selbstverlag Institut für EDV-geschütze Methoden in Architektur und Raumplanung der Technischen Universität Wien, (2005), 3-901673-13-X; 7 S.
    (download not available)

  • Grum, E., & Vasseure, B.(2004): 'How to Select the Best Dataset for a Task?' in Proceedings of ISSDQ'04, (Frank, A.U., & Grum, E., eds.), 15.-17.04.2004, in Bruck a. d. Leitha, Austria, Published by Department of Geoinformation and Cartography, GeoInfo Yellow Series, Vol. 28b, pp: 197-206.
    (download not available)

Other Conference Proceedings

  • Navratil, G. & Grum, E. (2005): 'What makes Location-Based Services Fail?' In Proceedings of the 3rd Symposium on LBS & TeleCartography, Vienna, Austria.

  • Grum, E. (2005): "The least risk path" in Proceedings of Doctoral Consortium of COSIT 2005, 14.- 18.09.2005, in Ellicottville, New York, USA, Publisched by Department of Geography, University of Buffalo, National Centre for Geographic Information and Analysis, pp: 39 - 44.

    (download not available) 

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