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Tanzer Anton

A Cost Model for Geodetic Products

For surveying companies cost estimation for their projects and services is of central importance for the economic surviving. Very often, those costs are determined only with the help of time estimations and the comparison of similar tasks and projects accomplished in the past. For offers calculations are necessary a priori. They can be constructed, for example, with the help of the GOV (Gebührenordnung für Vermessungswesen).The GOV is a kind of charge ordinance from the Austrian chamber of engineers (Bundesingenieurkammer). It delivers a simple functional model which allows a price estimation. These estimations, however, can not reproduce the costs of the project.

Until now, the composition of the costs is not clear enough. Most surveying companies use an accounting system to solve the task. Again, in most cases it is not the cost which is determined but the expenditure. Suitable methods have to be found in order to transform expenditure into costs. However, the increasing economic pressure on surveying enterprises demands detailed knowledge of the arising costs. The questions which one has to ask are: Which different kinds of costs arise when a specific product is produced? Where within the production process do they arise? How can these costs be assigned to the output of the production process?

The goal of this thesis was to build a cost model based on the principles of direct costing in order to determine the costs of a geodetic product. The specific product we have chosen for our cost model was the production of a plan for the division of one or a few parcels in consistence with the Austrian cadastre. As a result we got a functional cost model which can be used for the calculation and estimation of variable costs both before and after carrying out the project.

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