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Navratil Gerhard, Diploma Thesis

An object-oriented model of a cataster


The goal of the thesis is the creation of an object-oriented model of the Austrian cadaster based on mathematics. The Austrian cadaster consists of the two separated parts fiscal cadaster (Kataster) and ownership cadaster (Grundbuch). Both parts provide data on land and require each other (e.g. inscription of a plat for subdividing plots). The whole system has, like the partial systems, a complex structure. Understanding the structure requires a model because a model provides an overview on the system. The creation of such a model is the goal of this thesis.

There are only minor differences in the tasks between the fiscal cadaster and the ownership cadaster. The fiscal cadaster and the ownership cadaster are the base for the administration of land. Both parts deal with pieces of land (parcels in the ownership cadaster, plots in the fiscal cadaster) and documents (text documents in the ownership cadaster, plats in the fiscal cadaster). The different types of documents require differences in the tasks for the inscription of new documents. The structure of the tasks, however, is the same (e.g. arrival - formal tests - registration - detailed tests - changes in the database for the inscription of new documents). Therefore, there is no need for a strict separation between the fiscal cadaster and the ownership cadaster if only looking at the tasks important for users.

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