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Jahn/Herren Marianne

Data Quality for Decision Processes (Working Title)
by Marianne Jahn


The primary goal is to sell GI products using an optimized sale strategy.  User requirements have to be researched to achieve a  reproducable decision making process. With this information it is possible to  adapt the implementation and determine whether to generalize or to specify. Depending on the usage of the application, usability for the user becomes predictable, which influences the choice of used methods in the model. Legal and physical restrictions are defined in the used ontology and must be considered to assess usability, which helps in dealing with uncertainty and for basic measurement. These three aspects define data quality from the user point of view.

The resulting rules should be as simple as possible to ease error specification and evaluation of consequences. Based on the scenario of  the one-way situation represented by driving a car in a city, the impacts of the developed models are verified.  The required adaptations to the changed situation can be offered to the customer as an extension to enhance user acceptance of the application. The critical aspect is the definition of usability for the user caused by the decision process, the resulting consequences for data quality and the methods used in the application.

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