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Jachs Wilhelm

Databases for Measurements

In 1994 Leica AG made a new concept available to its clients to simplify the processing and the management of data. For this concept, called „Open Survey World" (OSW), the database GEODB was developed as an interface or link between surveying and computing. The data model of GEODB is conform to the internal storing structure of Leica’s measuring instruments. Therefore it’s impossible to use the database respectively OSW with other instruments (e.g. Geodimeter). But it’s also difficult to extend or alter the data model. For that reason a concept is needed more flexible and independent of any type of instrument or data format.

This work is restricted to the development of a database which can be used for the storage and administration of data collected by terrestrial field surveys. Satellite positioning systems will not be considered. Different measurements are analyzed to develop a general entity-relationship diagram. The ER-model has to be extended by integrating a special concept for changing and working on data. This concept prevents information from getting lost. Two extendable routines for the import and the export of data will make it possible to read and import different data formats and to provide computing programs like ANAG with necessary data. Thus the database can also be seen as a flexible link between surveying and computing.

Measurements of three different surveys are chosen to check the routines and to show the efficiency of the database. For every example the program ANAG was used for adjustment computations. Usually there is no interface for this program and all the values must be imported manually. But in this case the database was to provide ANAG with necessary data which was a great advantage. For the future it will be important to manage the storage of measurements of satellite positioning systems. So it will be possible to work on terrestrial and satellite measurements to use them for common computations especially for the remeasurement and computation of the net of control-points.

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