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Haas Michael

A Database for Organization of Specifications

In the last ten years a huge amount of geographic data was produced in a lot of different Geographic Information Systems. On account of the costs of these data, one wishes do build open systems and make the data multi usable. Therefore an exact description of the data and the tasks is necessary. Because human language is not appropriate, formal languages are used.

At the department of geoinformation the functional programming language GOFER is used for writing specifications. To make existent projects reusable a relational database was build.

In this study the three data description languages GOFER, EXPRESS and the Open Geodata Model were inspected. For these languages data models were designed and the model for GOFER was implemented. The database is a library for existing specifications, therefore it is necessary to search for different parts of specifications.

With the database three different tasks can be done: Input and update of specifications, searching through existing specifications and building new codefiles. While designing this database the major idea was, that all syntax rules for GOFER are realized in the data model and the relationship between the entities. There are no more details about GOFER in the program.

For the implementation of the model for GOFER the database management system MS-Access was used. The two reasons for this are the availability of this system and the possibility of replication, which makes it usable in a network.

The database can be helpful for the use in teams. If the existing specifications are stored on a central computer, every member of the team can use parts of these specifications.

For future works it is an interesting question how far it is possible to translate the languages into each other automatically.

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