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Baumgartner Markus

Improvement of the Quality in the German Land Register (in german language, orig. title: Qualitätsverbesserung im deutschen Liegenschaftskataster)

The quality of the Austrian cadastre does not consistently meet the high demands made on it as a information system providing spatial data. One of the challenges faced by the Federal Office for Calibration and Measurement („Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen“) is to improve the cadastre´s quality.

Aim of the thesis at hand is to examine measurements taken by the German states to
raise cadastre quality and to assess the suitability of these measurements for quality
improvement of the Austrian cadastre. Since there are extensive similarities between the two country´s cadastral systems, such a comparison is of practical interest.

At the outset the thesis deals with concepts and terms of the German cadastre, it also
discusses the meaning of „quality“ in this context. The subsequent chapter contains an
investigation of the measurements taken by the German states. A comparison between the Austrian and the German cadastral systems and the evaluation of the German methods of quality improvement concludes the thesis.

The examination shows that adopting measurements taken in certain German states would be reasonable in several areas and correspond with demands of Austrian experts in cadastral matters. Increased international cooperation and exchange of experiences seems advisable.

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