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Navratil, Gerhard

  • Navratil, Gerhard (2012) "Cadastre and Cadastral Research" Visit of Surveying Students from Bergen University College.
  • Navratil, Gerhard (2011) "State of the Art and Future Trends in Geoinformatics" Keynote at Geoinformatics 2011, May 15./16. 2011, Teheran, Iran.
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  • Navratil, Gerhard (2011) "GI Product Development" Workshop held at the National Cartographic Center on May 14 2011, Teheran, Iran.
  • Navratil, Gerhard. (2005) "Ontologies for Cadastral Processes" COST Action G9 Modelling Real Property Transaction WG 2 Cadastral Science Meeting. 25/08/2005, Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Navratil, Gerhard. (2005) "Basic Aspects of Sale and Subdivision of Land." COST Action G9 Modelling Real Property Transaction 7th Workshop and 8th MC Meeting. 10/06/05, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Achatschitz, Claudia, Gerhard Navratil and Elissavet Pontikakis. (2005) "Geoinformation" Presentation at the Schottengymnasium in Vienna (11 year old) in german language. 06/05/2005, Vienna, Austria (6MB)
  • Navratil, Gerhard. (2002) "Operation Based Ontologies." COST Action G9 Modelling Real Property Transaction 3rd Workshop and 4th MC Meeting. 11/10/02, Delft, Netherlands.

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