Please be aware that the information on this page is not updated any more. Currently the group has no detailed homepage. The homepage of the Department for Geodesy and Geoinformation is http://geo.tuwien.ac.at.

The publications and theses available at the Institute for Geoinformation can be downloaded via this website. You can find them sorted by author or by year. Press Ctrl + F to search within the list. If a publication of your interest should not be available, feel free to contact our webmaster.

  1. Publications by author

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  3. Geoinfo Series

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  6. Presentations

Please find here a complete description of our publication categories:

Edited Books

Single book or book series with an editor from our Institute.


Book or edited book with an author of our Institute.


Our Institute’s contribution, i.e. a chapter in a book or edited book.

Journals (Full paper review)

Refereed articles of our Institute.

Other Journals

Articles that have been published in a journal without reviewing process.

Conference Proceedings (Full paper review)

Refereed contributions (most often with presentation) published in the proceeding of a conference.

Conference Proceedings (Abstract review)

Refereed (brief and extended) abstracts in the proceedings of a conference.

Other Conference Proceedings

Contributions that have not gone through a reviewing process at a conference and were published in a proceeding.


Master and PhD theses of our Institute.


Generally unpublished, internal reports.


Presentations at conferences, meetings, and other scientifically related events.


Any other publications that do not fit the above categories.