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Award Papers

List of papers with awards:

  • Hofer, B. (2008). Towards a Method to Generally Describe Physical Spatial Processes. Spatial Data Handling SDH 2008, Montpellier, France. One of the five best papers of that conference.
  • Raubal, M., S. Winter, S. Teßmann and C. Gaisbauer (2007). "Time Geography for Ad-Hoc Shared-Ride Trip Planning in Mobile Geosensor Networks." ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 62(5): 366-381. Helava Award
  • H. Rezayan, A. U. Frank, F. Karimipour and M. R. Delavar (2005). 'Temporal Topological Relationships of Convex Spaces in Space Syntax Theory', International Symposium on Spatio-temporal Modeling, August 27-29, 2005, Beijing, China, One of the best papers of the conference.
  • Shirabe, T. (2005). Shortest Path Search from a Physical Perspective. COSIT 2005, Ellicottville, NY, USA, Springer. Best paper award.

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