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Public transport in Vienna

You can buy a ticket that is valid for all of the public transport network in Vienna for 1,70 Euro. You can purchase that ticket over VOR counters at each entrance and exit of major subway stations, at "Trafik" (tobacco) shops, and from vending machines in major subway and railway stations of the network or even in trams and buses. Most of the vending machines accept bank notes as well. Be careful that you validate your ticket at the respective machines to be found at the entrance of the subway lines or at the entrances inside of buses and trams of the network. You may change between buses, trams, and subway or even railway with one ticket at any time junction in Vienna for one route.

The subway system in Vienna is user-friendly. Train intervals are 3-6 minutes during working hours, 6-10 minutes outside working hours.The lines are color coded to allow easy orientation. The closest underground station to the University of Technology is Karlsplatz, which can be reached by subway lines U1 (red), U2 (purple), and U4 (green).

For more information about public transport check the website of the Wiener Linien (German).



Andrew U. Frank was elected 2nd assistant chairman of the TU Wien Senat.


Anka Lisec arrived in Vienna. She will stay for 3 months and work with Gerhard Navratil on cadastral questions.


Heidelinde Hobel joined the team. Welcome


Franz-Benjamin Mocnik joined the team. Welcome


Thomas Fuhrmann was awarded the Diplomarbeitspreis der Stadt Wien. Congratulations!


Markus Mayr joined the team. Welcome


Gerhard Navratil was invited to present his ideas at the impulse day for a modern reference system for Austria at the BEV


The fusion of the three institutes in the geoscience group is accomplished. We are now part of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformation with 7 research groups.


The exam dates for WS2012/13 are available in TISS


Daniel R. Montello (Department of Geography, UCSB) visited the institute and made a presentation with the title "Cognitive Regions in Geography and Geographic Information Science"


Paolo Fogliaroni joined our team. Welcome on board!


Jürgen Hahn joined our team. Welcome on board!


Gwen Wilke defended her PhD and is now Dr. Wilke. Congratulations!


Excursion geoinformation will take place on June 15/16. For more information contact Amin Abdalla


Exam dates for written can be found in TISS


Thomas Linton joined the team as a system administrator. Welcome back!

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