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Education Seminar

The principle role of the seminar is to further develop core education stakeholder relationships in Europe:
  • between education providers
  • between educators and appropriate professional and public bodies
  • between educators and employers

The themes of the seminar cover all areas of Real Estate education. Paper submissions are welcome in any of the following areas:
  • The demand for and the supply of real estate education in Europe
  • Best practice in the development of real estate education programmes
  • New technologies and applications to real estate education
  • The role of accreditation in real estate education
  • Minimum requirements for real estate education in Europe
  • The slump in the market for real estate graduates in Europe
A 15 minute PowerPoint presentation is expected per entry. The issues raised by the individual presentations will then form the basis for an open discussion on the theme led by the session chairs. The output will be subsequently written up and made available along with the individual presentations on the ERES EDU 2009 blog to all participants. It is intended that this would then form the basis of an open web based discussion board on the topic to which all interested parties could post further contributions.
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