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Carr, L.

EPrints v3: New Capabilities for Mature Repositories and the Semantic Web
  • A new version of EPrints has been developed to address the growing demands on repositories to accommodate a wider variety of digital objects and metadata, to integrate with a wider range of services and applications and to support higher deposit rates to serve the needs of the whole institution. EPrints version 3 was officially launched at the Open Repositories conference January 2007 and has already been described by one reviewer as "a significant milestone towards ideal repository software". This tutorial will demonstrate the new facilities that EPrints software provides (e.g. metadata quality assistance, import and export, efficient user interface, improved open source development opportunities) to support for well-managed, high quality, high value repositories. The tutorial will also illustrate how EPrint repositories can be part of an institutional strategy for publishing information on the Semantic Web, the so-called "Web 3.0" environment from the Web Consortium (W3C) that enables software agents and web services to understand and integrate diverse information sources.

Robinson, M. and Horstmann, W.

DRIVER: Supporting Institutional Repositories in Europe
  • This workshop will provide an analysis of the current state of development of institutional repositories across Europe, how this compares to initiatives in the rest of the world and will explain how the DRIVER project will promote and support the development of an integrated European repository network.
    The workshop will provide information on DRIVER technological developments and services and on the DRIVER test bed of repositories being used to test DRIVER software and services.
    The success of the DRIVER project depends, not just on the technical integration and enhancement of a European repository network, but also on the involvement and participation of all those actively involved in European research or in its publication, dissemination or access. Hence DRIVER has an active advocacy and community building programme to address and support key stakeholder groups in Europe. DRIVER draws on existing services within the DRIVER partnership such as OpenDOAR and SHERPA RoMEO as well as developing new services such as the Mentor service.
    This workshop will be of value to all involved in European research and for those keen to play a role in its future development. It will be of particular interest to those involved in the development of individual repositories, those co-ordinating national repository networks and those interested in the implications of a European repository network for European research.
    The workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the DRIVER project, to meet DRIVER representatives, share best practice and discuss the current trends in the development and future of institutional repository networks.

Severiens, Th. and Greenberg, J.

Ontologies for Digital Application Description
  • The DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) Tools Community supports the development and maintenance of DCMI standards by developing, collecting and providing real live and prototype implementations of standards.
    The objective of the Community is to facilitate the usage and development of applications and functions based on open standards. The DCMI Tools Community provides a forum for two classes of users: tool developers and individuals interested in using tools.
    The focus of the workshop will be on the development of an ontology for description of algorithms, tools, and applications of diverse state and developed in the context of semantic web and DCMI metadata definition.
    A draft version of the Metadata schema application profile is available from http://www.dublincore.org/groups/tools/dctools2006/2ToolSchemaHandout.pdf and was discussed during the previous workshop of the DCMI tools community.
    The workshop will be open for all participants of ELPUB conference and members of the DMCI Tools community. Presentations on the development of DCMI application profiles, the development of tools-description and a glossary of the defined wording will be given. Discussion should show the rank and diversity of the problem and result in an advanced version of the application profile.

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