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Vienna University of Technology

The Vienna University of Technology - located in the heart of Vienna - is the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. Even though the beginnings of TU Vienna reach back as far as 190 years research, teaching, and learning are state-of-the-art. The campus of Vienna University of Technology is located near the historic downtown of Vienna.

Main Building (Central Entrance --> see "A" on location map - signing will be available)
Facilities: Festsaal / Boecklsaal / Prechtlsaal
Karlsplatz 13, A-1040 Vienna

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Technology for People - Developing Scientific Excellence and Enhancing Comprehensive Competence

The Vienna University of Technology was founded in 1815 as Imperial-Royal Polytechnical Institute, it was the first University of Technology within present-day German-speaking Europe. Today the university finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research and is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises.

The TU offers a wide range of possibilities for studying: At the university's eight faculties (Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation; Faculty of Physics; Faculty of Chemistry; Faculty of Informatics; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Faculty of Civil Engineering; Faculty of Architecture and Regional Planning) students can study from Architecture and Planning up to Chemical Engineering, Technical Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics but also the Secondary School Teacher Accreditations Descriptive Geometry, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Profound expertise and the large pool of specialists active at the TU in teaching, research and as partners in business and commerce, make interaction among disciplines a prerequisite for maintaining the TU's position as one of the best on the international scene. The students get a practice-oriented basic knowledge and have the possibility to participate in research programs. Because of this excellent education graduates of the TU are quickly employed in industry and business right from the university.

Not only in teaching but also in research the TU is involved in many different fields: from atomic and particle physics over material physicists, surface science, interface and thin-layer research, plasma technology up to the development of modern production technologies, the research of information and communication technologies and business and investment mathematics. The TU is also providing impetus for the continuing development of equipment using regenerable energy resources. Furthermore the TU research is an important contribution to the stimulation of the domestic economy.

Smarter, smaller, thinner, lighter, faster, these demands made on future-oriented developments in technology are realized at the Vienna University of Technology.
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