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Invited Speakers

Opening Keynote: Keith G Jeffery

Technical Infrastructure and Policy Framework for Maximising the Benefits from Research Output [Download the powerpoint presentation here and the sound of the speech here]
  • Keith Jeffery is currently Director IT and International Strategy of CCLRC (Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils), based at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in UK. Previously he was Director IT and Head of Business and Information Technology Department (15m Euro p.a. turnover, 140 staff) providing services to CLRC, national services to the UK academic community and undertaking research and development projects funded by the UK Research Councils, government departments, the European Commission and commerce and industry internationally. Keith has extensive experience in consultancy, project management and product development both within the public sector and the commercial sector. He has been involved actively in EC-funded projects as reviewer, coordinator, system architect and in technical and exploitation roles. He has authored strategic reports for the EC. He was editor-in-chief and later chairman for the Next Generation GRIDs expert group of DG INFSO F2. He authored the initial paper proposing the UK e-Science programme.

Closing Keynote: Norbert Kroó

Scientific Publishing in the Digital Era [Download the powerpoint presentation here]
  • Norbert Kroó was born in Budapest (1934). His fields of activity are materials sciences, optics, neutron physics, science policy. He is an ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; the Hungarian Academy of Engineering; the Academia Europea; the European Academy of Sciences and Arts; the Royal Spanish Academy of Engineering. His main fields of scientific interest are the study of the structure, dynamics and optical properties of partly ordered materials (f.e. liquid crystals); the physics of solid state lasers, light emitting properties of metal-oxide-metal tunnel diodes; the surface plasmon near filed microscopy. He is professor of the University Lóránd Eötvös and the Technical University of Budapest. Prof. Kroó is member of the Hungarian Committee for Technological Development; the Scientific Advisory Council of Hungarian Government; the Academy Research Council (chairman); the European Research Advisory Board (EC); the Governing Council of ESF; Member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council; VP of the Hungary Academy of Science; and he is the Chairman of the Physics and Engineering Section of Academia Europea.

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