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11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing, hosted by the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, 13-15 June 2007.

This 11th ELPUB conference will keep the tradition of the nine previous international conferences on electronic publishing, held in the United Kingdom (in 1997 and 2001), Hungary (1998), Sweden (1999), Russia (2000), the Czech Republic (2002), Portugal (2003), Brazil (2004), Belgium (2005) and Bulgaria (2006), which is to bring together researchers, lecturers, librarians, developers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, users and all those interested on issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. These include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, legal, commercial and other relevant aspects that such an exciting theme encompasses.

"Openness" is a broad philosophical as well as technical tenet that underlies much of the innovation in the creation and consumption of internet technologies, which are in turn transforming scholarly communications and publishing across the disciplines and around the world.

Elpub 2007 is devoted to examining the the full spectrum of "openness" in digital publishing, from open source applications for content creation to open distribution of content, and open standards to facilitate sharing and open access. We encourage submissions reporting on research on economics of openness, public policy implications, and institutional support and Collaboration, in addition to technical papers. The goal is to reach a deeper understanding of the changing nature of scholarly communications enabled by open peer-to-peer production and networked knowledge.

ELPUB 2007 offers a variety of activities, such as workshops, tutorials, panel debates etc.:
  • The communication of scientific papers specially prepared for the conference; all papers are to be peer-reviewed by the international ELPUB Programme Committee;
  • Workshops and tutorials that aim to provide opportunity for attendants to update themselves in topics of high interest within this community of experts;
  • Plenary sessions that aim to summarise the main ideas presented and discussed during the presentation of the conference papers;
  • Panel debates on selected topics; possible topics include news item publishing or new methods, including Open Access for publishing scientific literature;
  • Demonstration sessions and presentation of posters.

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