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Local Transportation

The ride to Bansko takes about three hours. You will be met at the airport/railway or bus station upon arrival. Look for someone who holds a piece of paper with the ELPUB 2006 conference logo on it. On June 13 we will have two buses departing for Bansko (about 14:30 and 18:00). In addition, there will be a late minibus which will depart about midnight with those who arrive late at night. On June 14 there will be a minibus departing about 17:30 (all these "abouts" are because we will wait for the delayed flights, if any). The transfer back will be organized by a minibus on June 16 and two buses on June 17. The schedule will be provided at the conference venue.


The weather here is quite unpredictable, it could be rainy or sunny, with temperatures betweeb 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. We stay the mountains where it is a bit colder, so please take a jacket and convenient shoes with you.

Internet | Electricity Plugs

There is a wireless internet connection in the conference hotel lobby and cable internet in the rooms. For our oversees participants: please bring European plugs with you (220 V).

Currency and Exchange Rate

The local currency, leva, is exchanged at 1,95 leva for 1 EUR. Euro normally is not used for payments in the country. At the airport, the exchange rates are not that good.