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Proceedings of the 10th International ELPUB Conference

Cover ELPUB 2007 Proceedings

Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture
Bob MARTENS, Milena DOBREVA (eds.)

This book of proceedings contains over sixty papers on various aspects of Electronic Publishing that have been successfully submitted for the 10th ELPUB conference hosted by the Department for Digitisation of Scientific Heritage at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia, Bulgaria. These papers have been refereed by an International Programme Committee consisting of 37 highly qualified experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and domains of expertise. The topics have been divided into a General Track and a Technical Track.

The proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electronic Publishing are available for 30,00 Euro from IMI-BAS (bl. 8, Acad. G. Bonchev St., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria) [ISBN 978-954-16-0040-5] and can be ordered at: library@math.bas.bg. Exchange for other publications would also be possible.
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