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Real Time

Extending the Reach of Computation

The utopian promise of real-time in architecture is finally approaching everyday practice. Though it may not be just what was expected. While truly responsive, shape shifting environments largely remain within virtual worlds, it is the design and production processes at the beginning of the project lifecycle which are accelerating.

Design decisions are supported intelligently as they arise. Variants can be generated to help explore the solution space more swiftly. Models are analysed and feedback is given in near real time. Prototypes are produced ever more rapidly, and the scale and possibilities of these prototypes is increasing constantly. Geometries are converted to manageable approximations and production documents are pulled out of the design model automatically.

This calls for tools to enhance support for collaboration, at a distance or otherwise, and with integrated feedback procedures, informing the designer about the consequences of actions and proposing alternatives. This agile exploration of the problem space requires new forms of understanding, in order to deliver results not only accurately but also timely.

We seek to further the understanding and collaboration in this area of design computation. The focus of eCAADe 2015 lies on tools, methods and theories that foster a new kind of thinking about architectural design as a time-critical and time-related activity. We encourage authors to submit their most recent results in research, teaching, practice, novel applications or gained experiences relating to the presented problem field.

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