Statutes - European Architectural Endoscopy Association [EAEA]

Version: 1995

1. Founded: 1993

2. What is the Goal of the Endoscopy Association:

To argue for the significance of endoscopy as a unique medium for the exploration and representation of architecture and space. It is a platform for experimentation, research, communication development, user participation and teaching by means of endoscopy and environmental simulation.

3. Field of activity:

Visualization and Application in Architecture and Town-Planning: built environments, road-design, housing areas, urban spaces, interior spaces, etc. Implementation of Endoscopy in Design-work. Research on environmental simulation and experience of environment in motion. Observation of technical developments.

4. Aims of the association:

5. Official language: English

6. EAEA-Secretariat:

Each member (in turn) for a period of two years (the year before and following a Conference).

7. Requisites for membership:

8. Newsletter:

Will report the activities carried out by the members, papers about endoscopy and environmental simulation, news about current plans and projects, technical information and reference sources (also from non-members).

9. Financing:

The running expenses are the responsibility of the membership that is acting as a secretariat.

10. Conference: To be held every two years.