Martens, Bob (ed.)

The Future of Endoscopy.

Proceedings of the 2nd European Architectural Endoscopy Association Conference in Vienna, 1995 -

IRIS-ISIS-Publications at ÖKK-Editions - vol. 1 - Österreichischer Kunst- und Kulturverlag, Wien 1996. ISBN- 3-85437-114-4/ATS 198,

The European Architectural Endoscopy Association is serving as a meeting point for specialists of endoscopy in architecture. EAEA '95 Vienna aimed at a critical investigation of today's endoscopic culture with regard to future developments. The Aspern-Workshop represented the highlight of this conference. Prior to the conference nine universities had submitted endoscopic and computer-assisted space simulations for this urban expansion area north of the Vienna Danube. The outcome was not to be regarded as a inoble competition between the various institutions participating, but rather to sound out the actual potential of various simulation techniques and their combinations for future use. The conference proceedings contain the papers presented at the meeting by 23 experts from 15 universities. The papers cover such areas as the technical features of endoscopy and environmental simulation, theories supporting the use of endoscopy, practical applications, and discussions on the future of endoscopy and environmental simulation in comparison with other means of architectural representation.