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Modul Form*Design: a line went for a walk

Results: Booklet

Cover Image by Efilena Baseta
In the summer semester of 2022, the Form*Design module dealt with lines
of one kind or another: Linearity as whole therefore serves as method,
technique, as well as condition for the production of multidisciplinary works. 
The result of the module was presented publicly in an exhibition at the end
of the semester at Drosendorf Castle in Lower Austra.

In this course the line is framed as digital-abstract and as material-physical
element of departure for the generation of form in three-dimensional space.
In such a framework a line can be a rope, a tree branch, a chain, a brush
stroke, a water pipe or a toothpaste coil squeezed out of a tube whereas
the generative possibilities of such elements are defined by attributes like:

– material properties (e.g. thickness, elasticity, viscosity,...)
– connective elements (e.g.continuity, nodes, composition,...)
– active forces (e.g.gravity, wind, friction,...)



By means of different approaches the course aims to creatively explore
the multiple expressions of the line. The focus is on the relationship between
digital and physical methods of thinking, representing and making in three

The booklet documents the exhibited works as well as their development and research processes.

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Booklet as PDF

works by

Camilla Calabrese
Maria Cristina Covrig 
Gjulabije Dauti
Batja Ferch
Marek Frait
Leon Galijasevic
Kathrin Geußer
Sophie Hiesberger
Margaryta Kaliberda
Theresa Kettner
Hai Yeon Kim
Daniel Koller
Alexandra Konstantinova
Radim Koutný
Anna Kránitz
Sebastian Lettner
Elisabeth Anna Prantner 
Pasquale Roberto Romeo 
Evrim Ecem Sacmali
Grischa Schmidt
Balázs Vágvölgyi
Vincenzo Zappia

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