CCEFM Workshops


Summer Term Lectures 2001

Papers available at the BWZ, Brünnerstraße 72, 1210 Wien, office of Alex Stomper (room no. 137). 
For further information, please contact Alex Stomper:! 
For the list of past lectures, scroll down to the end of this page! 

  • Yishay Yafeh
         "Emerging Market Spreads: Then Versus Now”
        Friday, June 22th, 3.30 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. 
        HS 8, BWZ-Uni Wien, Bruennerstr. 72, 1210 Wien.

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  • Ernst Ludwig Von Thadden



    "An Incomplete-Contracts Approach to Corporate Bankruptcy”

      Friday, May 11th, 3.30 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. 
      Wiener Börse, Wallnerstr. 8, 1010 Wien.
Info about past workshops: 
Winter term 2000/2001: Thomas Dangl, Marek Musiela, Javier Suarez, Raman Uppal, Christian Laux, Prof. Lux.
Summer term 2000: Tomas Bjoerk, Klaus Gugler, Ulrich Hege, Philip Schoenbucher, Kjell Nyborg, Paolo Fulghieri, David Lando, Gerald Garvey, Enrico Perotti, David Bates.
Winter term 1999/2000: Ravi Jagannathan, Wayne Ferson, Zsuzsanna Fluck, Martin Hellwig, Alex Stomper, Alexander Ljungqvist, Krisitan Miltersen, Stavros Zenios, Alfred Wagenhofer and Hans Moritsch.