BauSIM 2010

Dritte deutsch-österreichische IBPSA Konferenz

22.-24. Sept. 2010 - Technische Universität Wien

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Session-19: Closing Session (Keynote)

Zeit: Freitag, 24.09.2010: 11:30 - 13:00
Chair der Sitzung: Ardeshir Mahdavi
Chair der Sitzung: Bob Martens
Ort: Festsaal


Can simulation reveal how buildings really behave? [Keynote]

Godfried Augenbroe

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;

The talk presents an overview of building simulation techniques and poses the question whether simulation has helped us understand how buildings behave in their operated state. The case is presented that many buildings under-perform their predictions which leads to the question whether we need "accurate" simulation to design better buildings at all. This is a legitimate question as long as predictions are based on hand crafted design idealizations, and the energy modeling profession cannot supply the guarantees that predictions are close enough to what will actually occur in the realized building. The talk introduces a view on macro and micro behavior and makes the point that most unexpected performance degradation occurs at the interface of macro and micro dynamics, due to mismatches at the system interfaces. The talk will conclude with a discussion of different roads towards simulation environments that capture behavior at the micro and macro scale, and ends with a speculation on costs, benefits and risks of competing approaches.

Vortragender: Augenbroe, Godfried, e-mail: fried.augenbroe@arch.gatech.edu

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