Curriculum Vitae

Mag.Dr. Karl Unterrainer



Tel: +43-1-58801-36231

Fax: +43-1-58801-36299

Project A: Few-cycle THz generation and spectroscopy

Project B: THz-time-domain spectroscopy of molecular systems


Personal Data

Date of Birth: 17.9.1960

Place of Birth: Innsbruck

Nationality Austria



1971-1979 High School "BRG Adolf Pichler Platz"

1979-1986 Physics student, University Innsbruck

1986-1989 Phd. Student, University Innsbruck


Career History

1979 Reifeprüfung (high school graduation)

1986 M.S. degree (Magister rer. nat.)

1989 Ph.D. degree (“Mit Auszeichnung”) from the University of

Innsbruck (Dr. rer. nat.)

1996 Habilitation


Career-related Activities

1986-1989 Teaching Assistant University of Innsbruck

1990-1992 Resaerch Assistant University of Innsbruck

1992-1993 University Assistant, Technical University Vienna

1994-1995 Visiting Researcher, University of California, Santa Barbara

1996-1997 Assistant Professor, Technical University Vienna

1998-2003 Associate Professor (Ausserordentlicher Universitätsprofessor)

tenure position

2001 Visiting researcher, Lucent Technologies, USA

2003-present Full professor, Photonics Institute, Technical University Vienna

2005 Director Center for Micro- and Nanostructures



1996 START programme Award, Austrian Science Foundation






more than 140 Publication, 50 invited talks, 100 other confernce contributionss, 3 patents


Research Interests

semiconductor heterostructures, semiconductor lasers, optoelectronics devices, quantum optics in



Selected publications (recent 5 years) – Karl Unterrainer


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P04 – THz spectroscopy of nanostructures (Unterrainer)

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